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It’s 12.12.12..

Mathematically speaking the alignment of numbers is a rare occasion. This calls for a celebration.

(tugs tugs tugs tugstugs♪ tugs♪ tugs♪ tugs♪)

Numerology suggest a lot of things. One website stated “The date represents a window of possibility for an evolutionary leap.” It went on saying “This opening is about the realization of your power to create a new world on a date that you globally decide to create it.” All I can say is oohhh, “nosebleed.”

Frankly.from where I’m standing it’s a week day. Its work day..

Gotta go to work…Good day guys!!!


Toastmasters International 10th MidYear Conference 2012

The District 75 10th MidYear Conference was held at Hotel Kimberly, Tagaytay City last October 13-14 2012.

This was my 1st TMI conference I’ve attended. I have to say, this was one fruitful experience. I was impressed with the Speech Evaluation and Humorous Speech contestants.

Humorous Speech Competition:

Delivering an intelligent speech injecting humor takes talent and experience.

Speech Evaluation Competition:

The best deal in watching speech evaluation is getting constructive inputs on how to create a better speech.


Comicon 2011

3rd Metro Comicon 2011 held in SM MegaMall Mega Trade Center

[May 7 – 8, 2011]





Visita Eglesia

Date: April 21, 2011

One of Roman Catholic traditions introduced by the Spaniards done every Holy Week is “Visita Iglesia“(Spanish Word).  The meaning in English is church visits.

The tradition is a commemoration of the Passion of Christ.

Traditionally, you’d have to visit 7 churches praying at the 14 Stations of The Cross.   The tradition was reinvented in the Filipino tradition, instead, visiting fourteen churches in remembrance of the 14 stations of the cross.

Because of time constraints we’ve chosen to visited 7 Churches.

Here are the churches visited:

1. EDSA Shrine

2. San Beda Church

3.  St. Jude National Shrine

4. San Sebastian Church

5. Quiapo Chuch

6. Sta. Cruz Church

7.  Binondo Church

Stations of the Cross (Philippine Adaptation)

” In early 1990s, late Pope John Paul II removed the depictions of Christ’s last two falls, the seventh and the ninth station. An amended set was adopted by some Philippine Catholic churches. Fr. Dave Vincent Onilongo of Sta. Ursula Parish, one of the Philippines’s oldest parishes, explained that the omission has a basis since no Biblical account says that Christ falls more than once.” – from[Stations of the cross redux]

14 Stations of the Cross

1. Christ institutes the Last Supper.

2. He prays in Gethsemane.

3. Christ is taken before the Sanhedrin (high court).

4. He is scourged and crowned with thorns.

5. Christ carries the cross to Cavalry.

6. He falls under the weight of the cross.

7. Simon of Cyrene helps Him carry the cross.

8. Christ meets the women of Jerusalem.

9. He is crucified.

10. Christ promises Heaven to Dimas, the repentant thief.

11. He entrusts John, his cousin, and Mary, his mother, to each other.

12. Christ dies on the cross.

13. His body is laid in the tomb.

14. Christ is resurrected.


This is a time to reflect.

Let us always be grateful for the Blessings and Graces the Lord gave us.

Be the Light to touch lives and share God’s Love.

Ozine Fest 2011

CosplayersOzinefest 2011 – SM Megmall (2nd day – April 16, 2011)

Lone Transformers in Action

Final Fantasy

Naruto Ninjitsu – Transforming to Girl

Kakashi and Atsuki

Jedi Knights


Vash the Stampede

Tsubasa Chronicles

Counter Strike



Genei Ryodan


One Piece

Inuyasha characters

Can you at least Guess or tell Me these Anime Characters??

Pink Haired Girl


Miniaturized Anime

One Piece

Band in Action

Panagbenga 2011

Street Parade

Float Parade

Flowers in Bloom

Hello There

you look at them when you say hello there


Hello world!

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